How do I fix a Paypal integration issue with unfulfilled orders?

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Hello all, I have a problem. I just opened my store the other day. Posted my store to groups I'm in for the related content. I assumed the Balance account was all I needed. So I had to make a Paypal Business account. A customer made a purchase through Paypal Express Checkout before I finished the setup. I have no record on the connected Paypal Business account to my store(same email of course), only in Shopify do I see the customer and the history. It states they purchased the item, it says that Paypal made a purchase attempt, it refunded the customer 10min later(they stated they haven't received a refund). Now I'm left with an order unfulfilled, the customer is waiting on their purchase still and I'm left with confusion. Thank you. 

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Hi, @Mike_Ronin.


Congratulations on getting your first sale so soon! I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with PayPal Express Checkout. Let's see what we can do to resolve this. 


Since you mentioned that there's no record of the order in your business account (only in the Shopify admin), it's possible that the PayPal email address under Settings > Payments hadn't been updated to the email for the business account you created before the customer made their purchase. By default, the email you sign into your store with is used to create a PayPal Express Checkout account. Is your new business account using the same email address as your Shopify store?


It also sounds like there may have been an error with the customer's PayPal account. If PayPal attempted to make a purchase, it may be that it was attempting to verify the purchase but never actually took funds from the customer to begin with.


For more details, view the order's payment events by following these steps:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click an order.

  3. On the order details page, scroll to the Timeline section.

  4. Click a payment event.

  5. For more details from the payment gateway, click Information from the gateway.

If you see the Payment status and/or Reason code there, please let me know what it says. Then we can check to see the next steps that PayPal recommends.

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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