How do I print a customer-purchased shipping label for my product?

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If a customer purchases a shipping label for my product how do I print that shipping label out? Or do I need to buy another shipping label of the same type? I had an order where a customer purchased an economy shipping label but I cannot find a way to print out the shipping label. I had to purchase a second one myself which was a different type of shipping label.

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Hello @Special20 ,


Let me help you understand the basics of shipping in Shopify.


There are primarily two important points:


1. Offering Rates at Checkout: Here, merchants can decide to offer flat-rate shipping to buyers, use carrier-calculated rates, or absorb the shipping cost and provide free shipping to buyers.


Basic flat-rate or shipping conditions can be managed in Shopify. Additionally, carrier-calculated rates for certain countries and shipping companies can also be handled in Shopify. However, for advanced shipping requirements, you may need to use an app.


In the case of flat-rate shipping, you are providing approximate rates at checkout, which may not be exactly the same as the actual shipping cost to the carrier. On the other hand, carrier-calculated rates are real-time rates calculated by the carrier, and they will match the actual shipping cost.


To use carrier-calculated rates, you need an account with the respective carrier, or you can use the carrier offered by Shopify (in which case, you don't need a separate account). If you are just starting and don't have many orders, you can try the carrier offered by Shopify initially and negotiate a better deal directly with the carrier later. If the carrier and the country you are shipping from are not available in Shopify, you will need to get your own account with the carrier.


Another important point is that if you are using an app to integrate with your own carrier account, you may need Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) enabled on your Shopify plan.


2. Processing Shipments:


Here, you have a few choices:

a. Go to the carrier's website to process the shipment.
b. Visit a nearby post office to ship your product.

c. If your carrier and country are supported by Shopify, you can use that integration.

d. Have your own account and use an app to process your shipment.


I hope this helps you get started.

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