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How do I print address labels? Not shipping labels, just addresses?

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I want to print the addresses to my address labels that I then peel and stick. All reference to printing addresses seems to relate to shipping labels but I don't need shipping labels, just address labels. Anyone know how I would do that?


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Me too. Whoever comes up with a simple app to print JUST the address on an order form to a Star TSP100 receipt printer will become an Shopify millionaire.


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I third this. I'm finding it quite frustrating how it's so hard to grasp the difference! I've tried Address Labels, Super Address Labels and Labelbot. However, they don't support Zebra printers. 

Address Labels seemed to have a customisable interface for custom sizes but won't actually let you input and save custom sizes...go figure.

Feeling like I'm really wasting my time over something that seems overly simple!