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How do we get "Pending Payment" invoices to show up on the paid date when marked "paid"?

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Working on using shopify 100% for our e-commerce and physical store/local deliveries. We have run into a major potential issue though as we have a lot of Net 30 customers. Currently we are marking their order as "pending payment", creating the order, fulfilling it, then sending the customer an invoice to pay via check/credit card.

This works pretty well so far, but when we mark the invoice as "Paid" the amount they paid with a check/CC actually shows on the original order date, not when it was paid. This creates an issue for accounting because the amount of total money in for the day according to Shopify does not reconcile with the amount we actually took in that day.

Currently we do not have QB and Shopify synced as we only have QB Desktop, so we are relying on the cash/credit/check reports to reconcile with our checking account numbers. Would going with QB Online synced with Shopify fix this problem and actually show correct times and amounts for money in?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It hasn't become a huge problem yet as we only went live at the first of the year, but going forward this could create massive discrepancies in accounting.

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In my experience, your shopify pending payment orders will not import into QB Online as Invoices. They will only be imported once they are marked Paid and at that point they will come in as Sales Receipts with the payment date (ie done and dusted).

We find we have to issue invoices through QB for wholesale customers in order to keep track of payments etc and use Shopify for inventory and online direct sales. 

If anyone knows of an app that can import pending payment orders from Shopify into QB that would be great!!

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I chatted with Shopify customer service yesterday about this issue, as we have payment terms with some customers and need to create their orders for shipping/ tracking through Shopify.

Wish there was a way to not have "payment pending" reflect as sales on the day we ship the order.