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How does PayPal smart payment integration affect order visibility in my online store?

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Hi There,

I came to know that if we use PayPal smart payment for Shopify then the orders placed by customers don't show up in the store's orders tab. Instead, we need to use the Paypal invoice to re-create the order in Shopify and then sync it with our supplier. Can anyone please help me with some clarity around how the Paypal smart payments work, in terms of:

1. Is it correct that orders do not show up in the store's order tab

2. If yes, then is there any better way to integrate PayPal to my store as my primary merchant account so that North American customers do not have trouble paying and I too do not have any issue with transferring my PayPal balance to my Indian Bank account.

Additionally, I am from India and my sales are in North America. The challenge is that Shopify payment gateway is not supported in the Indian region, so what would be the most effective way to set up my store's merchant account? 

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You can integrate Payflow Pro with Shopify.

Please check How do I integrate Payflow Pro with Shopify? (

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It turned out that payments made through PayPal Express Checkout are not included in orders for Shopify, help me how to solve this?