How does Revolut handle refunds for incorrect zip errors?

How does Revolut handle refunds for incorrect zip errors?

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A customer made a payment on my shopify with Revolut. The money was taken but they have not reached the website. I can see an abandoned checkout with error "Code incorrect_zip". Will the money be refunded automatically to the customer? or how long till he will get his money back? 


I am not able to do the refund or to let the customer know if the money will be refunded to him. Could anyone help?


Thank you!

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Hey, @Johnathan123!


When this error occurs it is because the zip code they provided failed validation meaning it was incorrect or didn't match what was on file.


Do you have the setting enabled that Shopify Payments declines charges that fail ZIP code verification as shown in the screenshot below? This setting can be found under Settings > Shopify Payments > Fraud Prevention.

In this situation, the customer has not made any payment due to a failed transaction. Therefore, there is no refund to be issued. To proceed, the customer should attempt the payment again using a different card or verify that the provided zip code is accurate.


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