How is Shopify improving accuracy of customer shipping rates?

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I've noticed that Shopify has updated their system so that when an Order shows up for Fulfillment,  it does a pretty good job of picking the right box size.  In the previous release, I had to change the box size everytime it wasn't the default box.  Now it's probably 95% accurate.  This means when I go to buy my shipping label,  the right cost for what I shipping shows up.  Given that you have this new feature,  why can't this same logic be applied when showing rated to customers in checkout.   Instead of only showing the rate for the default box you should use that same logic to figure out what is the likely box and then adjust the shipping rate accordingly.  


From reading other posts,  it looks like this is a high demand problem and one that's existed for a number of years now.  It seems like now it should be pretty easy to implement.  What are Shopify's plans to address this problem?

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