How to coordinate orders between two manufacturers?

How to coordinate orders between two manufacturers?

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My business model requires two manufacturers to complete the product. The customer orders online through Shopify, then that order goes the first manufacturer who will then send that on to the second manufacturer to complete the item, fulfill the order and ship to the customer. So both companies need to have the customer’s order so it goes out correctly. I’m new to this and trying to figure it out. Would this be more of a question for someone like Orderdesk or similar. Any insights would be much appreciated.

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Couple ideas:


1) You could use some kind of task manager like Notion, and have your staff add new orders there and mark them in a status. I use Notion to manage business tasks, new features, etc.


2) You could use Order Automator app to send the order details to supplier 1 (you can pick the order conditions, for example send order info to Supplier 1 if it has certain products in it), then when supplier 1 is done they forward the email to supplier 2. With Order Automator you can include a link in the order details to fulfill the order remotely (so supplier 2 could add the tracking info, that would then update the order to send to the customer and mark fulfilled).


3) If you have a close relationship with your manufacturers, and not worried about them seeing your data, you could give them access to the Orders page in Shopify. Though this could be tricky because they would then have access to all of your customers, might be something you'd have to analyze / add to your privacy policy.

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