How to correctly calculate shipping weight for multiple items?

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Hi i am having an issue with understanding the shipping weights. I sell glasses and on the product page it says to add product weight. Every pair of glasses comes with a case,cloth and a small box for it. I am just wondering should i have the product weight on it own ( just the glasses) or with all the extras added onto it(case,cloth,box).


My next question is if someone orders 3 pairs of glasses and i put all three in one mail bag how does it know to charge for shipping of three frames and the mail bag especially. I ask this because the mail bag size will differ between amount ordered. 


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Hi @Specs-Express 


If you want to charge for the additional things that come with the glasses, then it is better to mention the weight. This will help you to charge accurate shipping charges.


For your second concern you can go for quantity-based packing where the shipping charges will be calculated per quantity. Since this option is still not available within Shopify you can check out other workarounds like Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label App


Let me know if you have any queries. I will be happy to help!

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