How to efficiently manage Royal Mail OBA and manifests for made-to-order items?

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Okay, so I've set up out OBA with RM, and now I'm trying to figure out the process we need to use and I'm hoping you guys may have some experience to share which might help?

My problem is that what I sell is made to order, so I need to print off packing slips to make the items. Then I need to create the label to post. Then I need to create the manifest.

My concern is given that I can have 200-300 orders a day, how to I make sure the manifest is correct without having to go through and 'tick' each order before creating the manifest? That would be far to time consuming and open to errors.

In an ideal world, I would print the order/packing slip with the label attached and we would use integrated labels. But again, how so I make sure the daily manifest is accurate, as not all orders go the same day - many in fact will post 3/4 days after printing the packing slip.

Is there a way to scan the QR on the label, then add the scans to create the manifest? I could do this whilst sorting the packages into sacks.

I'm really scratching my head trying to find a system that will work with minimal chance of errors. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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@thatsmeallover did you ever find a solution to print your label and packing slip together? 

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Hi @AndrewLoveless,


If you are looking to print your label and packing slip together, Multi Carrier Shipping Label app will be the right solution in this. The app allows you to print both shipping labels as well as packing slips. You can also track your orders from the same dashboard itself.

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