How to fix wrong email notifications for local pickup orders?

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I am having trouble with the email notifications for local pickup orders. Specifically, the wrong email is being sent when we notify customers that their local pickup order is ready. Has anyone else had this issue? I have tried various things to fix the issue but nothing has worked. 

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Hey ASWN. I'm not sure what else you've tried, but here are some other options:


  • Make sure that the email template you're using for local pickup order notifications is set up correctly. Double-check the email address and content within the template to ensure it's sending the right information to customers.
  • If you've installed any third-party apps or made custom code modifications to your Shopify store, they may be affecting the email notifications. Review the settings and configurations of any relevant apps to ensure they are not interfering with the default email notifications.
  • Try a third-party shipping app (like Starshipit) which gives you more control over notifications that get dispatched.
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