How to fulfill digital attachments without fulfilling physical pre-order product

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I have pre-order physical items that contain pdf digital attachments. I would like customers to be able to get the pdf while they wait for the physical item to arrive. If I select the option to "Automatically create fulfillments Digital goods (MP3)" then the physical item is also fulfilled. If I select the option "Manually create fulfillments Mixed goods (CD + MP3)" then I have to manually fulfill the item to push the pdf to the customer and then manually unfulfill the item so I can actually fulfill it once the physical item arrives to ship. The download link option on the order status page seems to be confusing to most customers. 

Is there a way to send the pdf associated with physical products out to customers without fulfilling the physical associated product? OR bulk fulfill and bulk unfulfill the orders to push them out to customers?

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We have the same question. Any luck finding out how to do it? Or if there's a way?