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How to generate a invoice from a quote app?

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We are using a quote app (no add-to-cart) and we would like to generate an automatic invoice based on the information gathered within the quote app. Ideally we would also like to edit the invoice with shipping etc. Any ideas on how to this?


The whole idea is that the customer requesting a quote will get an automatic email with their quote/invoice. They can then reply to the email if they are happy and there is a booking fee invoice that is sent out to lock the order in.

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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders can definitely meet your needs.

You can create POs/invoices for customers from orders and email them to them with a click of a button


Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions

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Hey there, it's been a while since your post but I might be having a similar problem as the one you described so I wanted to check in and see if you found a solution in the end?

Like what you said in your post, I too, would like to generate an automatic invoice based on information gathered from a shipping app, so it saves me time when I need to invoice customers for the shipping fee of their order. 

Thank you!