How to handle a customer claiming short shipment on their order?

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I have a problem with a client who placed 2 separate orders on the same day. Since I am the sole operator of this small online store I handle fulfilment of all orders and when I saw his 2nd order placed, I immediately canceled his first shipping label so as to combine both orders. Keep in mind he received an email with tracking info as soon as the first order generated a shipping label but was subsequently canceled. Since both items weigh 3 lbs and were fleece lined pullovers (bulky) I switched from a 12 x 15 poly mailer to a 14 x 19 poly mailer. The new weight is 3 lbs which appears on the customers poly bag (I have photos). When I created the new shipping label he received another email with a new tracking # so he thinks there are 2 packages. When I rec'd an email from him saying one item was missing I entered the tracking # and it said delivered and investigation in process. Keep in mind the customer was demanding a refund from me and also filing a claim from UPS - in other words getting paid twice. The reason I am skeptical is because I started receiving a barrage of strange emails from him how UPS did their job and I didn't. I told him I would speak with UPS on Monday and ask them for the actual weight scanned for the package as it went through their feeder. If it shows 3 lbs - the customer is trying to steal for lack of a better word. Then, I received a new order from him for a completely different item later in the evening. Now I ask you, if you felt a Shopify store short shipped you would you really place another order? I think not. I need support from Shopify on this as unfortunately there are a few bad apples out there who feel entitled to rip off small online stores like mine. Has anyone else experience a similar situation and how did Shopify help you - back you up? Thank you!

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