How to handle migrated historical orders from Woo Commerce to Shopify?

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I am migrating a store from Woo Commerce to shopify using Cart to Cart.

Everything has migrated across perfectly except historical orders.

All orders have come into the shop as new orders, which means we have 20,000+ new order notifications that need to be cleared for my client.


All orders to be migrated into shopify were either Processing (3) completed (19,900), canceled(799), refunded(266) or failed

Is the best way to do this to simply archive all of the orders?
A large number of orders have come through with authorised payments - do i need to capture payments or should I just ignore this?

I have asked shopify but they just divert me to Cart to Cart or to hire a shopify expert - this seams like a core shopify functionality question?


Any help would be appreciated.




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Hey Bec! Did you find a resolution? I just did the same thing and faced the same problem...