How to handle split orders and double shipping charges?

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Hi. As we started with some preorders, I have an issue - how to handle split shipment?

Situation - The customer ordered 2 products. 1 product is in stock, 2nd will be available in 2 weeks. The customer agreed that he wanted to send it separately in two shipments... This is OK and we hnow, how to do it. BUT how should I claim in that order payment fro 2 shipments? 


Thank you for answers

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A simple solution would be to create 2 different shipping profiles - one for in-stock products and one for pre-order products. Now whenever cart contains products from these 2 profiles, the shipping price will be added up (i.e. doubled if you have set the same shipping price for both the profiles).

Furthermore, you can use our app Auto Shipping Profile: Shipr to automatically move product to preorder profile as soon as the product inventory count goes below your specified value.

Automate & bulk assign products to shipping profile: Auto Shipping Profiles: Shipr
Calculate accurate shipping rates: Shipping Calculator: ShipMagic
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Hi. Thanks for hint! I created second profile, and its working... Problem is, that customer can choose, if he wants to send package separately (then its OK - doubled shiiping price). BUT if he choose, that he wants to wait, till one of products will be stocked and send everything together, there are still 2 prices for shipping 😕 And I am not capable to figure it out somehow... 😄 

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You should look at the Pre-order Manager Pro app (which will work with your existing pre-order app/theme). 


Effectively you setup a rule in the app that splits the pre-order item(s) into a separate order so they can be fulfilled separately and then offer custom shipping options at checkout, e.g.:  


Order #0001 has three items: 

  • Item A (In-stock) 
  • Item B  (In-stock)
  • Item C (Preorder)


The order contains a pre-order so it would be split into two orders as follows: 


Order #0001 now only includes the in-stock items: 

  • Item A  (In-stock)
  • Item B  (In-stock) 

Order #0002 has been created for the pre-order: 

  • Item C  (Preorder)

These orders can now be fulfilled separately, and the customer can get their in-stock items first. 


Then, you can setup different pre-order shipping options in the app (with different costs) to offer your customers at checkout,  I.e. 


  • Ship in-stock items, ship pre-order later $20
  • Ship in-stock items with pre-order $10


This then solves the issue of you as the merchant having to eat up the extra costs of shipping if customers want their in-stock items first!