How to handle unexpected chargebacks after closing a store?

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  • I had a high risk order a year and a half ago that shipped outside of Shopify because the Shopify platform was having issues and it couldnt be done from there.
  • I sent the order from the dropshipper and the customer filed a chargeback saying it wasnt her who ordered the item.

Having gotten the proper information from her at the time of the order, I won the chargeback in February 2022 because this customer was doing this all over the internet.

Her bank gave me back my money and fees and shut her account down in 2022.

In February 2023 I closed my store which cancelled the original order and-without ANY WARNING- to me refunded $583.99 to the deceitful woman's closed account.

The funds not being accepted into the woman's closed account was lost by Shopify so they charged me again because they said they put that money from the first withdrawal on 2/27/23 back in my account (they did not, they lost it) even after providing Shopify with the receipt for the oriiginal fulfilled and delivered order and my bank statement showing Shopify's thievery and no returned funds.

So now I am up to 2 erroneous $583.99 charges from Shopify and no one in Billing that I can talk to on the phone.

Everyone I explain this story to on the phone says that I should get my money back(even Shopify support) except for Shopify Billing who is too closed minded to make things right and so hidden you can not talk to them.

I'm going to have to sue for the emotional abuse Shopify has caused me and my family. My daughter has been fighting leukemia(ALL) for 10 years now and because of Shopify we may not eat this week...


Anyone know a good corporate lawyer?

This will be worth their time for sure!

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