how to print shipping labels for orders already fulfilled through oberlo? FIXED

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EDIT: I have figured out how fix this but i cant figure out how to delete this thread. sorry



I have searched through many posts and found variants of my question but not this one specifically.


I used oberlo for dropshipping products with great ease, they are a wonderful company.


recently i have switched from a dropshipping to a wholesale model - therefore i still like having oberlo as a tool to process orders, but i still need to print shipping labels for my orders, and ship them out physically as well


I have changed my inventory settings to be fulfilled through shopify instead of oberlo. This was a solution, and any orders after i made the change, could successfully print a shipping label. (P.S is there any way to bulk change the inventory fulfillment service? instead of going into each specific variant of each product? I could not find in the bulk editor but i could be wrong)


However, my main issue, is that when i attempt to print shipping labels for my queued orders, it still says they are not eligible for a label. I have tried to 'unfulfill order' first, and it still only has an option for fulfillment through oberlo. I have also made sure that each product has a weight and is check marked as a physical product.


This leaves me with what i conclude to be a few options - first, uninstall oberlo? and then there would be no option but to fulfill with shopify. I would not like to do this as I still use oberlo for some products and for international orders


Secondly and my last option would be to buy shipping labels for each order manually but with 100+ orders that would be terrible and more expensive than shopifys system


Please I hope someone can offer some clarity for me. Thank you very much. I would simply like to print shipping labels for orders that have already been fulfilled through oberlo


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You are an A$$hat for not sharing the solution. Will someone please share the solution? 

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