How to Report Fraudulent Orders

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So, I have identified a purchase as obviously fraudulent using a credit card through Shopify.  I will obviously refund the order amount to the card charged.  However, I was wondering if there was a way to alert the card issuer or real owner of the card that it may have been stolen.  I searched the help topics and this forum, but everyone simply wants to know whether to fulfill apparently.  Thanks to Shopify's "privacy" features, I cannot access the full card number to report to the issuer.  Thanks, Shopify!

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In order to comply with PCI security standards, the card number has to be redacted, that's not Shopify's decision. Do you believe that the credit card holder name provided by the buyer belongs to the original owner? Then you'd be able to call the issuer and report the fraud using the last four digits of the card and the card holder's name. Simply use the "Lost card" hotline for the respective issuer.

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Shopify is not showing me the form of payment, so how do I find out where to call to report it?  THanks!