How to set different payment methods for B2C and B2B customers?

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Hi, I would like to have different payment options for B2C customers and B2B customers, where B2C customers should only be able to choose card payments och Klarna payments and B2B customers only our own companys invoice. Is that possible or is every different payment method available to all customers?

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Hello @Bertil 


Are you using Shopify's default B2B system or using any third party APP like wholesale discount?


It is possible to hide payment method based on customer(using APP) but it does not currently work on draft order currently. 


If you are looking with shoofly's B2B functionality OR Shopify's automatic discount, then you can use this app





>By using customer tag:



> By using B2B company:




Let me know if this works you. 



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Yes, it's possible to set different payment options for B2C and B2B customers using the KlinKode PayRules app. This app allows you to specify payment methods based on customer tags, so you could tag your B2B customers and set rules to show only the invoice option for them, while B2C customers see card and Klarna payments.


Check it out here:


And there’s a guide here that might help:



This way, you can tailor the checkout experience to different customer types.

- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
- You can join in our Facebook group for Shopify help.