How to set multiple weight-based international shipping rates?

How to set multiple weight-based international shipping rates?

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hi there,


I'm in Australia and setting up international shipping rates is odd, or maybe i'm missing something. I want to set up a weight based rate system for my international buyers. Below are the settings I've tested.


1- International buyers check-out successful (i've tested this setting) with settings indicated below:

to US address weight based rate setting

$100 with 0kg - no limit 


2- International buyers check-out with error item doesn't ship to this address. Settings below:

to US address weight based rate setting

first rate $100 with 0Kg - 1kg

second rate $140 with 1kg - 2kg


I want to use the 2nd settings as i want to charge different rates for different kg's but upon checkout there would be n error saying doesn't ship to this address. It seems like it's only successful for the rate setting that has no limit set to it. So even if i have 3 or 5 different rates to the US, it will only select the rate setting that has the no limit selected. Is this normal? and how do i set it up so that it will select the correct rate to charge at checkout?


hope that makes sense


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Hey, @2Seven!

This is Summer from the Social Care team at Shopify. Welcome to Shopify Community! I'm glad to know you're selling internationally. We've got a great guide in selling cross-border that you may be interested in. It will help you optimize your website to sell and target international customers, giving them a localized shopping experience. You can access the guide on this page.

Now, I understand an error is encountered at the checkout with the tiered weight-based shipping rates. There are several possibilities as to why this would happen and it all boils down to your shipping setup.

Since the error says, "The item doesn't ship to this address." it's good to check the origin and zones in your shipping profile first and ensure that the details are set up to offer shipping rates given the relevant locations associated with the order. You can go to Settings > Shipping and delivery and click Manage beside the shipping profile you're using, and review the following:

  1. In the Shipping from section, is the location where the product is stocked listed in this area? Its location needs to be listed as a shipping origin so the system knows you can ship from it and there are available shipping rates for this location.
    • You can view where the product is stocked by following the steps on this page.
    • If the location is not listed as an origin, you can scroll down to the Not shipping from section in the shipping profile and click Add rates. You can then create new rates, or select existing shipping rates.
  2. In the Shipping to section, is the shipping address entered in your cart during the test listed as a shipping zone? The countries or regions you ship to need to be added here as a shipping zone so the system knows there are available shipping rates for the address.
    • If you don't have shipping zones, click Create shipping zone to add one. Enter a name and select the countries you ship to.
    • If you have existing shipping zones and they seem to be set up correctly, double-check that the appropriate regions, provinces, counties, or states have been added. This can be checked by clicking the ellipsis or the three dots opposite to the shipping zone and selecting Edit.

If the Shipping from and Shipping to sections are sorted, and the error still appears, there's a possibility that the shipping rates are causing it. We can then check the details involving the shipping rates.

  1. Since you're using weight-based shipping rates, the total weight of the test order may be outside the shipping tiers you set up. Besides the weight of the product in the cart, you also need to check the package weight as this is considered when determining the shipping rates that will be offered at checkout.
    • To check the product weight, you may select the product in Products > All products and go to the Shipping section. If you have variants you will need to click the variant to see the Shipping section.
    • To check the package weight, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery > Packages. Look for the Default package and check the weight listed.
    • If the total weight of the product(s) and the package exceeds the maximum weight range you set up in your shipping profile, and this weight does not have a corresponding shipping rate, then it's expected for the error to appear. You can adjust the weight ranges so it accommodates the weight of the order, or add another weight range with a shipping rate. If you need one, there's a guide on adding shipping rates on this page.

If the shipping origin, shipping zones, and shipping rates are set up correctly and the error still appears, the next best course of action is for us to access your account and investigate. While we’re not able to provide account-specific support via the Shopify Community at this time, we’d be happy to continue assisting you through live chat, email, or callback. You can visit and log in to your account to create a support request.

If anything above is unclear or if you have questions about it, do feel free to respond to this post!

Summer | Social Care @ Shopify 
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