How to set up varying shipping rates for different delivery scenarios?

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Hi there,

Bit of a newbie here so please be gentle 🙂 My store sells greetings cards, you can choose to send these direct to recipients with a message in or blank to yourself so you can give out. I'm struggling with finding a way or an app to help with all the different shipping options needed. I basically need;

  • Standard shipping - if delivery date 2 business days or more away
  • Next Day or Weekend delivery - if delivery date is following working day or on the weekend
  • Multiple cards in one order going to different recipients need the option to choose a delivery option based on the delivery date for that card so they're charged the correct shipping per card (i.e. if one needs to be delivered next day but one is for the following week then it's two different rates)
  • Multiple cards in one order going to the same recipient on the same day need one shipping rate as we wouldn't charge multiple shipping if it was all going to the same place at the same time

At the moment customers select the delivery date via the product page (an app gave us the functionality for this) but we could move this to the cart page if there was a way how. Then they select from shipping rates at checkout but there's no way seemingly to make the standard rate not applicable if they want next day delivery or to provide the correct options as per above.

Any help would be much appreciated! Happy to pay for an app that fixes all this for us or to speak with a developer directly who might be able to assist...


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hey @Sandpit ! A software I'd definitely suggest is Fenix Commerce. Theyre able to prioritise shipping rates while also able to provide standard shipping and even 1-day shipping rates all based off of customer location, warehouse location, and more! 

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Thank you so much! Have reached out to them for a demo, fingers crossed they can help!