How to show multiple estimated shipping times for multi item order

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We are setting up a store utilising a number of dropship suppliers. 

Our product catalogue will often have items that are out of stock until a later date, but we do want to allow pre-orders. So, we will end up with orders containing lines that are in stock now and to be despatched immediately, and products that are to be despatched at a later date.

As such, we want to display the estimated delivery date for each product on the product page, in the basket and in the order confirmation so that the customer is fully aware of the delivery schedule. 

We also need to share this information with the dropshippers, so that they know when the orders are expected to be shipped. 

My question is, can Shopify record this expected delivery date on a product level rather than an order level, and can we update each line as fulfilled as each dropshipper despatches rather than the whole order?

A bit of a complicated question I know, but if there are any Shopfiy geniuses out there who can help me out I would be so grateful!





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