How to verify business address for dropshipping store in Italy?

How to verify business address for dropshipping store in Italy?

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Hi I just opened my first dropshipping store with shopify.

Recently I installed shopify payments, but when it comes to business verification I can't verify my address.

Right now I live in Italy, so I set my shop in Italy, and in the address verification it asks me to upload a Utility Bill, but I'm not paying bills right now because I don't leave alone.

I tried uploading a Bank Statement or a Medical Invoice but without success.


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Hello, @francescoo.

Firstly let me say welcome to Shopify, and congrats on your first dropshipping store! What are you selling on your store?

As for the address verification. A bit of context for you around why we ask for this:  Shopify are making updates to our onboarding requirements, which is a common practice; all other businesses and payments providers, like Shopify Payments, must ensure that we are compliant with local regulations. Inputs into these updates include regulatory changes, financial partner requirement changes, card network requirements, and an assessment of our customer portfolio against our company's risk program. This review is to ensure we're taking the right steps to help keep the financial services ecosystem healthy. As these reviews will happen periodically, we've updated our products and created new tools to help you identify and collect new information when needed.

As for your specific case where you do not have the required utility bill - in this case, I would advise reaching out to our live support team. They will then in turn be able to connect you with the team who do these verifications, they can then review your specific case and advise on what steps to take. 
Our live support can be reached via our support portal here. Simply select the relevant topics until the live support options appear, you will then be connected to a live support agent. I trust this helps! Thank you. 

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