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I am a Canadian selling worldwide (mainly US customers), what should my store currency be?

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I am opening a shop and I was going through the payment methods. I added my bank but I chose my store currency to be CAD. However, I have a conversion app on my store which displays the customers local currency, so they won't know. My question is, will this affect my sales? Like, will my customers be charged Canadian dollars and be subjected to conversion fees? If so does anyone have any tips for a Canadian seller on what bank account I should to use to avoid this because I do not want my customers getting unexpected fees. I have Paypal added already and that's good to go, but I would like to add credit/debit on there as well to give flexibility to my customers, and I can't do this because I may get hit with high conversion fees by my bank if I choose USD.


Is there any recommendations on what bank I should use? Please let me know!

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