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Increase in Medium Fraud Alerts

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I am curious if anyone has seen an increase in medium fraud alerts......our shop has seen an increase that seems to coincide with COVID19? Anyone else?
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Hi Dottieanddjo,

Faye here with ClearSale.

I see you haven't received a response on this and wanted to just pop in and chat through what you might be seeing.

Without much context, what I believe you’re seeing is a direct correlation between an increase in online sales due to COVID-19 and the new shoppers (and new fraudsters) that come with that.  

Our EVP wrote an interesting piece on an increase in new online shoppers and what that means when it comes to online fraud and adjusting your fraud mechanisms to prepare for a potential surge of fraud as well.

If you don’t currently have a 3rd party fraud screening tool, be sure to be diligent with these illusive medium risk orders.  Check things like billing/shipping addresses, IP Address, behavior, online presence and if all else fails and you’re still unsure - sometimes a quick call to the customer will do the trick.

Hopefully this info is a bit helpful.  We’re always here to chat fraud, that’s our jam 🙂 feel free to reach out anytime at

Have a great day!

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