Instances of Shopify Payments supsending accounts due to high daily transactions?

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Curious if any users have experienced this:


This Saturday I will be migrating my eCommerce website to Shopify.


Currently at our pre-migration site are averaging around $2,000 total daily with over 50 transactions a day.


I've heard some horror stories here on the forum of Shopify Payments holding on to payouts, et cetera. That would be annoying but manageable.


I am worried about getting in a position where I migrate my website on Saturday and then, due to the sudden high purchase volume Shopify Payments temporarily suspends/ pauses my account and I am unable to use it or even talk to someone at Shopify until business hours on Monday.


Assuming that my company complies with all ToS has there ever been an instance where Shopify Payments has paused the account due to sudden high volume (especially for new accounts)? I'm worried about being caught with my pants down on launch weekend where I've switched the DNS records and now have no way for customers to pay.


I know there have been migrations that make way more than this that have been fine. But with the customer support delays and changes due to Covid-19 I'm curious if anyone has any input. THANKS!

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Hi, @pop-n-type


Welcome to the Shopify family! I know you are looking for input from other store owners; however, I am hoping you do not mind if I chime in here as I would like to help ease some concern you have surrounding Shopify Payments. 


Every store that uses Shopify, and Shopify Payments are subject to on-going reviews to ensure the store is adhering to our policies, and to determine whether a store presents a higher than supported risk (high chargeback percentage). While several variables could lead to the payments being placed on hold, I can confidently say that it would not only be due to a high volume of sales. We have thousands of merchants who process a high amount of sales daily who do not see any interruption to their payments. However, to give an example, if you were receiving a high volume of "high risk" sales, or if the amount of each order was higher than expected for the business, then it may cause the account to be placed on hold. It is important to note that these are not the only two variables we look for, and again, could be caused due to several different variables. 


If an account has a hold placed on it, then it would still allow the store to accept orders as usual. The hold would only delay the payouts until our teams have verified the business. Documents provided during this verification process are manually reviewed, which can add some time to when the hold will be removed, though, our teams aim to complete these reviews as quickly as possible. 


All in all, it does sound like you have done your due diligence to review our Terms of Service, which is a great step to help avoid a hold being placed on the account. If the worst-case outcome did occur, you would most likely see a banner in your admin to upload documents, to which our teams will review them, and remove the hold so long as everything checks out. If the banner says to contact support, then we can ensure a ticket is escalated for you if you reach out to our support via Twitter, Facebook. or phones and chats


I can fully appreciate the concern you have about a hold being placed on your account. I do hope this explanation helps clear up any concerns and confusion. If you do have any questions or if I missed anything, let me know. I'd be happy to chat more about this!

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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dont do it they'll tie up all the sales they'll be impossible to get a hold of to find out more information.