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Invoicing customers for shipping fee generated from a shipping app?

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Hello everyone,

My store sells pre-order products almost exclusively, and when customers pay for their order at first, they are not charged for any shipping and service fees. I would like to know if there is a way to automate invoicing customers for their shipping rate after I get a quote for their shipping fees from a shipping app. In the past I would write down the quoted shipping fee from the shipping app, add on the necessary service fees and 'create draft order' from shopify. This works but it is very time consuming as I have to create an order for each customer one by one. So I'd like to know if anyone with similar needs have found a good workaround or solution.

Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!


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This is doable using the Shopify API.


I can definitely help you automate this 


You can drop me email :



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Just emailed you, thanks!