Is Clearpay a better choice than Klarna for Shopify integration?

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I’m having a lot of trouble integrating Klarna app to my Shopify store. The app that I need has only 3 reviews (very poor reviews may I add) which seems incredibly unlikely? 
Shopify have told me to discuss with Klarna but they seem to have no answers, they keep just sending me links to set up pages. And no actually answering my question about the app. Is Clearpay better? Surely people who have Shopify store fronts use Klarna. 
more maybe I’m just being silly? (Very likely). 
would appreciate any advice / recent experience with integration with these 3rd party paying companies. 

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Hello @Ella16 

Based on my experience, Klarna tends to be a superior choice for the European market compared to Clearpay. If you could specify your target market, I'd be happy to recommend the most suitable Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for you. Additionally, consider using third-party payment processors like Stripe.

When integrating payment applications, it's crucial to ensure they are developed by a Shopify payment development partner and fully approved by Shopify. Some applications may not be specifically designed for payments but rather as general apps using scripts to by pass Shopify checkout and process payments with payment partners. These can lead to various problems, such as not utilising Shopify's checkout system and compatibility issues with other apps, as they are not seamlessly connected to Shopify ecosystem. 

Opting for apps developed and fully approved by Shopify payment app partners eliminates these concerns.

I hope this helps. 

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