Is Etransfer payment considered as cash in POS systems?

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We just connected our Shopify POS today and had a customer wish to pay via etransfer. Would we call this method of payment cash? 

Thanks, Jenna

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Hi @veryvoila,


My understanding is he/she wants to do a bank deposit transfer? Like Zelle for Bank of America? You might want to ask him/she. Shopify does allow custom options. 


To see this options:

1. From you Admin page, go to Settings on left hand bottom corner

2. Go to Payments, and you should see the option for custom payment. See image below



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Hi @veryvoila ,


You could. But this might interfere with the cash tracking, if you are also receiving cash.

Maybe can consider this, would this payment method be a norm (more than 1 customer will be using this?)
1. If yes, just create a custom Payment Type for easier tracking.
2. If no, then you can just use Cash this time, but just make a note somewhere.

(though either way, option 1 should be the correct way to go)