Is Payoneer Checkout not available in UAE?

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So I saw the list of payment gateways available in UAE from here:

This list is so misleading. I spent 2 days trying to set up an account with Payoneer only to find out via one of their posts that their Payoneer Checkout is only available in Hong Kong for sales above USD 20K:

Before you begin

  • To activate the payment app after installation, ensure you have registered for an account

    To be eligible for this service you must have a Hong Kong entity and monthly webstore volumes above USD $10,000.

Why is this being shown on the UAE list then? 
Also, it is frustrating that PayPal does not allow customers to pay via debit/credit card on the checkout page. You are making this very hard for people who do not live in the US. Not everyone can afford a trade license esp. when they are not even planning to sell in UAE. 

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Hello, I understand your frustration as I'm going through the same thing. May I ask, have you found a solution yet?