Is there a plan for Shopify Payments and Shop App availability in Hungary?

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Dear community, and developers.


We are on Shopify since 2019, and we feel like we are missing out on a huge chunk of possibilities, due to your USA-centric business model.


We've been reaching out to support for a long time, many times to get an estimated date, or some information about the availability of Shopify Payments and the Shop App.

It is super frustrating that you can not even tell if you even plan to introduce these two to Hungary at all, or not.

Also, we pay the exact same fee in a month as merchants that have access to all features. 

There should be 2-3 price plans, since it is unfair to ask the same amount in a month, if we can't use all features, like others.


Also, since we are opening our USA market, it would be beneficial to be able to showcase and charge the price in USD, instead of Euros. Not to mention other countries such as the UK, Swiss, Poland, etc etc where people prefer to pay in their own currency, instead of euros.


We know that there are "only" 2183 live Shopify stores in Hungary, but since you introduced these features in Czech Republic, where there are 2341 live stores, it would be fair to introduce them to Hungary, and other developing markets as well.

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Could you tell me what credit cards do shopify accept, cause i couldn't really find any information about that. For example: would erste bank work? And if you could tell me what arr you using?