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Is there any way to change the shipping label setting to the format 4x6?

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Hello guys, I am currently trying to change the shipping label format to 4x6, as required by my supplier. Although I am having trouble figuring out this on my own. They print our labels for us, however they claim that we must edit the format ourselves. When I go into shipping settings > shipping label  All that I am able to click is "print test" label for both letter & thermal, or buy shipping labels at a discounted rate.  


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Jaime T.

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Hi Tira, is there a way to edit the format of the shipping label. For example, it is printing our shop name and the customers name twice. See a screenshot of the label below. 

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Hi @MAInteriors 


The format of a shipping label depends on which carrier and class you choose when you're buying a label. You can't edit the label format because each carrier has specific requirements for their labels. However, there are some apps like Multi Carrier Shipping label app that helps you to format your labels according to your needs before you start printing.

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And yet again we see the scammy shopify answer to problems that paying customers are having:  "Sorry, we can't do anything about it, please go pay *another* monthly fee for an app that provides the exact functionality that we claim we can't implement."