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Issuing Refund on order where the Gift Card is DISABLED

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We are developing an integration for a client, and have encountered a strange situation that it appears there is no built-in solution for.  A customer pays for their order using a Shopify Gift Card, and then the Gift Card is DISABLED (for whatever reason).  If you attempt to REFUND the order, the items on the order are returned to inventory, but the gift card gateway responds with an error.  At that point, the order is in limbo, as there is no way to reactivate the gift card, and the order provides no alternative method to refund the money to (such as issue new Gift Card) which leaves the order in a PAID state.

Is this a gap that has not been thought of?  I would have thought that in the event that the Gift Card failed to be REFUNDED, the process of refunding the order would fail with some alternate actions, such as issuing a new gift card in its place.

What is the proper procedure in this situation?

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Hi @Development, I'm Neomi from the app,

We created the Loyalty card - one card that accumulates the customers' rewards, gift cards, and refunds.

Our refund solution will refund store credit directly into the customer account and they will be able to use it in their next purchase (together with other rewards that they received).

Check out our listing page and feel free to contact ma at

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Did this issue ever get resolved? I'm building something where this could cause problems.