Lack of Communication During a 'Shopify Payouts on Hold' Review

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Has anyone else found the Shopify 'standard review' process extremely frustrating? Shopify has held our payouts for over a week. They haven't given us an accurate indication of how long this review will take, or the information that they require from us. We haven't been sent an email to request further information, and we haven't been given clear and concise information to explain what we can expect during this process. The only form of support that we have access to is the 'Live Chat'. It's like talking to a chat bot ... they can't give me any information, they say, 'We will have to escalate it to the Payments Team' (blah, blah). What's the point of contacting support if they know nothing, and ask the exact same questions every time?' All that I'm told is that the Payments Team will contact me (eventually). 

The only bright side of this process is that it's given me time to set up a new e-commerce website with another provider. This will save us thousands of dollars every year and has a lot more features than Shopify's offerings. Although support can't tell me how long it will take to release our money if we cancel our Shopify account, I still see this as the quickest and easiest solution. Cashflow is vital for a small business so I can't afford to wait around for a non-transparent, slow and clunky 'standard review'. 








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