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Hi all,

I'm in a bit of a bind trying to figure this out.

We have to limit our shipping to a certain area (by postal code) for the products we're seling online.

I've found several addons that seem to handle this but they all require us to upgrade to the Advanced Shopify plan because they all require Real-time carrier shipping.

This makes no sense in my mind and we're not going to be spending $299/month out of the gate.

Does anyone know of a solution out there that would handle this? I have no problem paying for a plugin.

Bonus points if it allows us to, in the future, add products that can be shipped outside this area (as in set the shipping postal codes at the product level).

Any ideas?



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Hey Ron, 

Stephanie here from Shopify's Guru Team!

Just wanted to let you know that we have two other ways in which you can activate the carrier calculated shipping feature. 

1. You can switch to annual billing, save 10% on your plan and receive carrier calculated shipping for free!

2. You can add carrier calculated shipping for $20 a month to your current plan. 

If either of these options interest you, feel free to reach out to and we can activate the feature for you!

Hope this helps :) 


Stephanie | Shopify Support
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I wrote a small JavaScript function where you can put in all the postal codes you want to ship to. Then I built a small widget (text input and submit button) for the user to check if my store will ship to them. You can easily replace postal codes with US zip codes. 

What I could not figure out was how to add this kind of a check with the Order button in the checkout process. My solution will work for most people and I will be happy to share. 

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I would be interested in trying out your javascript routine.  We are looking to restrict our health dog food to the local area so that it remains fresh on arrival.


Look forward to hearing from your.



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You can add carrier calculated rates at $20 to your existing Shopify plan and then proceed with Shipping. Once you have carrier calculated rates enabled, StorePep can help you to hide Shipping for other post codes so that only specific post codes show shipping. With automations rules, this can be achieved. In addition, one can limit Shipping at product level also.

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Hey Kaylan,

its been two Years after you posted this but if you are still around do you fancy sharing your snippet?

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Looking for this javascript also!