Multi currency checkout currencies differ in Paypal

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Hi there,

I am using both Shopify Payments and Paypal and have multi-currency enabled. My default shop currency is USD. When a European client wants to pay in EUR currency for example and chooses Paypal Checkout Express, the amount he/she will be asked to pay at checkout in Paypal is in USD. This leads to confusing situations and abandoned carts. Could you please help me correct this so Paypal currency asked to my customer is the same that he selected in my shop, and not only my default currency (USD)? I'm having a bunch of abandoned carts and missing sales because of this issue and I've yet to come across a way to fix this.

Thank you so much!


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Shopify , @Staff can you please look into this? Thanks!

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I'm having the same problem.
I think it's on the PayPal side.

I had a customer cancel an order today because checkout was in USD funds, until they hit the PayPal button and it charged them in CAD funds. They wanted to pay in US funds, and couldn't with PayPal so they cancelled..
I'm in Canada, so I have a CAD bank account with PayPal. I accept US funds as well, but I'm thinking that since CAD funds is my primary currency, that's what PayPal charges. I've tested this in my own Shopify. Everything is in US funds when the currency is chosen, but as soon as I hit the PP button, it's CAD funds. If someone put their credit card in, it would probably charge in their currency.