My checkout keeps skipping the shipping page to the payment page

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I've created local flat rate delivery options and a free pick up option. At first the entire list was showing up at checkout and giving you the option to choose which shipping option you wanted. Now for some reason when the checkout button is clicked, it skips the shipping page and goes to the payment page and has the free pick up option selected. This happens even if I remove the product from the cart and add a completely different product. Can anyone assist me with not allowing the website to skip the shipping page? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Hi, just wanted to chip in to say I’m having the same problem on the debut theme. Checkout process seems to skip the information page.
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I am also having the same issue. Is there a solution that can be shared?

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this?  I am having the same issues.

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I contacted support about this. Unfortunately, they don't have a good solution at this time, but said that if enough people comment in the Shopify community, their developers will take note.

The only solution offered was to direct customers to clear their cookies, as Shopify remembers repeat customers' info and skips the Cart page that has the shipping/pick-up options. Not really a solution at all as this requires walking each customer through the process. Time & bandwidth that we unfortunately do not have!



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accelerated checkout paymentt options are skipping the shipping options for customers. - it just allows payment for product to be made with no choice for shipping.  

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Having the same issue!  Very frustrating!  

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Yeah, Good luck with expecting Shopify developers that "see enough complaints on forums, then will fix the issue" only need to witness a FIVE YEAR OLD THREAD WITH A TON OF PEOPLE HAVING THE SAME ISSUE THAT IS STILL UNRESOLVED" here:

Shopify's support has gone from "good" to completely absent. Best to just deal with the hand your dealt because its an empty shell of support at Shopify nowadays.