Oberlo issues

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I just got my first sale.  When I went to process the order, it's not showing up in Oberlo.  And not only is the order not showing up, it's almost like my store was disconnected from Oberlo, because none of my current products are showing in my Oberlo products list.  I tried to reconnect my store, in case it did did disconnected somehow, but it tells me the store is already assigned to Oberlo.  I have reached out to support at Oberlo, but it says could be up to 24hours for a reply, so thought I'd see if anyone here has any suggestions.  Quite frustrating and disappointing on a first sale - uuugh. 

And PS - I tried to add the "test" message to the order inside Shopify - didn't work.  I also can't override the product because it doesn't recognize any products as being in my store currently.  Strange.

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