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Orders Refunded on 2Checkout not showing as refunded on Shopify

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Hello friends

I sell digital products on my store.

When a refund is done with PayPal, the store balance is automatically updated.

If a customer pays via 2Checkout, and then later asks for a refund. I need to do a manual refund process at 2Checkout.

But the orders refunded at 2CO do not update as refunded back on Shopify.

I had a customer paying by mistake $165, and requesting a refund. The refund was completed at 2CO and she got her money back.

Yet the $165 is still showing in my Shopify balance.


I canceled the order.

In the main 'Orders' list the 'Total' shows $0.00 with a strike-through line.

But when clicking to the order page its still shows $165, (and the $165 are still in the store balance).

And it affects all the other financial metrics..

What do I need to do, so refunds from 2Checkout will show on Shopify the order was refunded?
Just like it shows when order is paid, it needs to show when order is refunded.

How can it be done?

Thank you so much for your assistance

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