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Payment gateway in Malaysia.

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Hello, I applied for razer merchant service payment gateway in malaysia, which is not in the Third-party providers option. That platform charges 2.4% of each transaction fee, and then I use the basic shopify plan with 2% transaction fee, so each I have to pay 2%+2.4% transaction fee for the order, right? Because I use a third-party payment gateway, can I not repay the 2% transaction fee of the shopify platform?

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Hi @Guanhua997,

Nick here from Shopify. Good question!

In instances like this, if you use a 3rd party gateway Shopify won't charge you credit card fees because Shopify isn't processing the transaction. Shopify would only charge transaction fees. The gateway itself would charge credit card fees though, which Shopify has no control or interaction with. 

You can see the breakdown of credit card and transaction fees per each Shopify plan in the pricing guide here

Hopefully, this helps explain it to you. 

Thanks, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Hi @Guanhua997 ,

I'm an authorized agent for Razer Merchant Services and Shopify Partner in Malaysia.

Your calculation is correct!

Shopify Transaction Fee 2% will be charged to you as long there is an automated transaction complete between the payment gateway and Shopify. However, Shopify does not charge any transaction fee for manual payment transactions such as bank transfer, cash and etc. The only lowest deal is to subscribe to the Shopify Payment(which is the backend is Stripe) platform which only charges 2.9% + 30¢ USD nett, however, this option is not available in Malaysia.

Note: If you would like to know more on how to take full advantage of RMS with Shopify Online and Shopify POS Lite. Do contact me for a free consultation if you are interested to learn about it.

Some great sharing.

What Are Transaction Fees For?
Transaction fees are pre-defined charges that store owners are required to pay on each of their transactions if you are using a third-party payment gateway for receiving payments from your customers. This fee is supposed to cover the charges for the e-commerce brand (Shopify) to integrate with third-party payment providers. Fraud Analysis

Just like the rates of credit cards, transaction fees are different for each of Shopify’s plans. However, you can avoid paying these fees only if you activate Shopify payments that is Shopify’s own payment gateway.

Doesn’t The Monthly Plan Fee Cover This Already?
No, and yes. The monthly subscription fee primarily provides you access to the Platform, ie. Shopify and its selling tools in order to get your e-commerce store up and working. The transaction fee is supposed to power your store continuously. However, you only have to pay this fee whenever a customer makes a purchase from you.