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Payment Setup confusion

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i have two questions regarding payment gatways on behalf on my brother and myself.

1. My brother lives in US. He can use his individual Paypal account for shopify PayPal express checkout ? Because he cant upgrade to business because he doesn’t have any. IF he cant go with paypal individual Can he go with shopify payment without any registered business ?

2. I live in Qatar and wana target US audience while buying from aliexpress or US stores. But There is no shopify payment option available but there is a option that if you go with basic shopify plan 29$/mnthly you can have that option. Is it really possible that after getting monthly subscription i can have shopify payment option? And how ill get transfer from shopify to any bank in Qatar?

kindly assist

thank you,


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there, @Amir214 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


Those are two really great questions. In order to use PayPal Express checkout, the merchant is required to upgrade to a business account. Personal accounts do not work correctly with Online Stores as they do not have the required API Settings to issue refunds, etc. Your brother will need to register his store as a business in order to upgrade the account with PayPal and use it in his online store. Your brother should be able to use Shopify Payments without first registering his business, it is, however, suggested that he does as our banking partners may require business registration details at a later date. 


If you are living in Qatar you will be unable to use Shopify Payments on your store. Shopify Payments is only available to use in the following countries:

As the country where your business operates is not supported by Shopify Payments, then review the list of other payment gateways that Shopify supports. We are continuously working on expanding the list of countries that Shopify Payments can be used in. This process does take time as there is a lot of legislative work behind opening a gateway up to a country or region. 


I hope this helps,


Bo | Retired Staff Member