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Pre-Shipment / Order not shipped / Customer has not received order

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Hello, first post. I am having a problem finding out why my customers have not received their products. Attached is an image of USPS tracking number saying they have not received the product and it is in pre shipment. I am Simply trying to get my customers the product they ordered. When I check the tracking number it says pre-shipment to a post office near my house; however I thought through oberlo and Ali express the product is supposed to go straight to the customer. Any help will be appreciated.

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We are having the same issue! have you had any luck in resolution? For a while, we realized the thermal paper ink was reacting with the tape, thus making the bar code literally disappear. But even after we stopped taping over the bar code, we still receive several packages that are stuck in "pre shipment"!!! Are you located in Austin?