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Preparing Instead Of Fulfilled?

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Hey all,


I'm kind of confused with the fulfillment process. I just opened my store and I've noticed there isn't a way to mark an item as "preparing" or something similar. The reason I want that is because the current process is I'm marking the order, then the person that fulfills the purchase still takes some time to make some final additions to the product. This means the item isn't shipped immediately, but *I think* my customer is getting a message right when I fulfill that the item has been shipped? Am I just misunderstanding something? I know when I'm fulfilling, the button says "Request Fulfillment". Maybe this means my guy that's finalizing and shipping the item is marking the item as shipped too early in an e-mail he's getting? Or is Shopify actually sending an immediate notification to my customer that the item was shipped?

I guess to end this I'll put what I would like to happen for this process.

  1. Customer Orders
  2. I confirm the order is good, then I mark it as "preparing" or something similar.
  3. My fulfiller does what they need to do to finalize the product then they can mark "fulfilled". When this happens the customer gets the e-mail that says the item is shipped.


Please help! Thanks for your time.

- Austin

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