Print packing list with barcodes linked to orders and printer

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I'm not sure if this is possible but it is getting extremely difficult for us to handle the volume of orders coming in, shipping and fulfillment.  Unfortunately, we ship produce direct from small farms and need a streamlined way of handling this.


Ideally, we would like the farms to be able to print out a packing list of all the orders they need to fulfill.  When they package up an order, they would scan a barcode with some kind of wireless scanner on the packing list, which would then automatically purchase the right shipping and trigger a label printer to print the shipping label and mark the order as fulfilled.


Can anything like this be done?  If not, how can we make this easier so that a farm can mass print out shipping labels and associate them with the orders they need to send?

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Hi there! did you find a solution?

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really interested to know if you found a solution?