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"Digital Downloads" Problems

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I've downloaded Digital Downloads and upload attachment as per instructions. However, it was fail to generate attachment link upon my purchase order:

(I tried twice to re-upload attachment and re-order but problem exists)

(File size is only 4MB)



I've checked the order status and would like to re-send email but it said " This order has no attachment"


There is BLANK for the download email :



Please help and advise! Thanks a lot!



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We are also having intermittent problems where the download link is not added to the email which is sent to the customer.  It happens sometimes on several products and does not seem to be tied to a particular product.  Sometimes, by smashing the button to resend the customer email multiple times, the download link is added to the email and sent to the customer allowing fulfillment of the order.  If this does not work, the only work around seems to be to refund the customer order and have them order again.  

Is there a way to prevent this from happening so the order/fulfillment process is the way it should be?