Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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We use our unfulfilled tab to pack orders. The problem is that refunded and canceled orders show up under the unfulfilled tab even if I mark them as fulfilled in the bulk options. How can I get these orders out of the unfulfilled tab on the orders page?

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Having the same issue. Can't they put in a function to delete cancelled or refunded order on the back end? Doesn't seem like it would be a hard feature to add. 

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Or add "Refunded" as a Fulfillment Status and remove the order from the Unfulfilled Count. Maybe you should add a Seller U/I Advocate to your dev team because this clunky at best and is problematic for those of us who need to provide sales reports to our management team ... simply telling our managers that they need to ignore 18 unfulfilled orders because they were cancellations but Shopify will always show them as unfulfilled, is not gonna cut it.

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Come on dev team.  Your response can no longer be, "uhhhhh, sorry, but you will always have orders showing up as unfulfilled, forever.  We just can't figure this one out."

Sloppy, sloppy design.

This. Is. Unacceptable. 

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Agreed.  This is a moronic design from a company that is generally quite decent.  

There are a few of these "you have got to be kidding me" items.  I can't modify an order once placed such as when a customer calls to ask for a different item?  "Sorry sir, I'll need to cancel and refund your entire order.  When you have a spare minute, could you please go through the entire checkout process again?".  Oh wait, here's that unfulfilled, cancelled order issue again....

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Agree with all of the above... any plan for a fix yet?

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Similar situation here. We refunded fully the purchase & it continues to be marked as "unfulfilled". Tried cancelling the order & archiving it - to no avail. This order is unnecessarily cluttering up our "orders" page. There needs to be an elegant solution to this common problem. 

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+1 here.

I really like Shopify, but I'm starting to get really concerned about certain things that should be very simple to address, taking them 6 months or often longer to even acknowledge.

Look at this thread - it's an issue. And this isn't the only thing, there's several things that are obviously "bad practice", and you can mention them to Shopify, but days, weeks, months go by, like it doesn't matter. And along the way you get offers of paid solutions - hey, I respect value-added 100%, but not on things that should be first-level offerings. It's sort of insulting.

I'm a programmer; Shopify, there's no way this is difficult.

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It would appear they are choosing to just turn a blind eye to the issue....

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I am having this issue as well...Oddly, some of the orders that I refund become red with the dollar amount crossed out.  They still show as unfufilled but at least the red and crossed out dollar amount provides a visual cue.

I have no idea why some of my refunded orders did this....the ones I have done recently have not.



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I think if you archive it after you cancel it then it will go away.