Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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We use our unfulfilled tab to pack orders. The problem is that refunded and canceled orders show up under the unfulfilled tab even if I mark them as fulfilled in the bulk options. How can I get these orders out of the unfulfilled tab on the orders page?

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I think this issue may drive me insane!   

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5 years later, and this is still an issue? I have this same issue and your response is: 1) an excuse for sloppy work, and 2) doesn't fix the problem. If issues like this seem to go unnoticed and disregarded for 5 years, I'll have to find somewhere else to host my shop.

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I have the same problem, except I made it worse by deleting the order since nothing else helped, I thought that might get it to say fulfilled.  Wrong, don't do it.  It's very annoying to always see 1 order when you know it is not an actual order.  


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We have the same problem, can't believe it has been 5 years and nothing has been done.

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thanks for the heads-up, I was about to delete. 

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Our orders count is offset by 22 due to this, or a related issue. It's highly annoying that Shopify cannot show proper counts, and that this is an issue at all after such a long time.

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The fact that this thread is 5 years old and this is STILL AN ISSUE is so very frustrating. I had my first partially refunded order this morning and didn't know to mark it as fulfilled before refunding. Now reading this I'm told it is going to be sitting in my Unfulfilled and "Open" orders list forever? Not good enough, Shopify. There needs to be a way to remove an unfulfilled order notification because every time I login it is showing me I have "1" order to fulfill when I don't because it was cancelled and refunded!

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Yea I just found this thread.. I knew immediately there was not going to be a satisfactory solution when I saw the FORTY PAGES OF COMMENTS..SPANNING 5 YEARS...

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Why Shopify have not solved this is beyond me.

I have tested this myself 

I purchase an order, I then cancel the order, it remains unfulfilled with the option to fullfil but also have the option to restock items!

the problem lies in what is correct, cancelling the order is the correct way and restocking, but this should then make this order grey out and archived and not showing as live.

please can @Shopfiy_Expert explain 

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Not sure if there is a fix for this yet but I did something and it worked.


Like most people here I refunded an order and didn't fulfil first so it just displayed as a new unfulfilled item in my store.

What I did was to select the particular order from the order list and cancel it, then select it again and from the more actions list - archive it. 


The outcome was that;

- the count on my store for a new order to fulfil was gone

- the order had a strikethrough on it

- the bold on the order (as with new orders to fulfil) was removed

- the order still retained the "unfulfilled" tag or status but it was not all in your face like a new order pending fulfilment.