Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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We use our unfulfilled tab to pack orders. The problem is that refunded and canceled orders show up under the unfulfilled tab even if I mark them as fulfilled in the bulk options. How can I get these orders out of the unfulfilled tab on the orders page?

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Shopify PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, its a major problem for a lot of business owners. going on 5 years and still no resolution.

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I want my refund Rupees 1700 for fraud parcel
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Agreed this needs to be resolved... as is very messy to not be able to mark a cancelled order and then it is automatically taken out of the "unfulfilled" status... 

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@Jean-Michel Anyway you can help with a resolution to this 5 year old issue?? Is there a way Shopify technical support can force delete an order?? The only "fix" proposed by support was to filter orders but this does not remove the notification for an unfulfilled order in the column on the left. 

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This is a solution I post here once in a while that has always worked for me, though some have not had success with it. Dean’s simplified procedure for getting “partially refunded” orders out of the “open orders” list (based on @Claire_Brennan ‘s):

  • 1. go to “Orders”
  • 2. click on the “Open” button to display the offending orders
  • 3. select all the orders that you need to eliminate from the open orders list
  • 4. Select “More actions” > Unarchive orders
  • 5. Select “Fulfill orders”
  • 6. Select “More actions” > Archive orders...DONE! 
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@dean_verhoeven I owe you a beer. that worked. thank you so much

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Correct. The issue is you can’t unarchive/archive “cancelled” orders. Very frustrating.
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Can we please get a fix?  Manual removal at least?  


Canceled order, unfulfilled, cannot remove!

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this is terrible advice @ you guys need to redo your datatable structure.  


how on earth does a cancelled order stay unfulfilled?  it doesn't make any sense to the user.  if you cannot fix the relationship within these two datasets, at least do a UI fix so we don't have to see the bubble count on the lefthand side.  this is very poor UX and very poor data structure