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Reliable Fulfillment in China

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Hey guys,

I am looking for a new fulfillment company in China. I am shipping worldwide and the production factory is in Shenzhen. I have been working with SPNS Logistics for the last year, I must be honest that SPNS is fast on shipping. The problem is that we have a contract with them, but is like we do not have any contract. The owner of the warehouse has such a temper that if you don´t things he wants, although you did make agreements, he starts to offend you and your company and uses the safety of your storage as a threat against you, to pressure you to do what he wants. Maybe some of you have already been through this situation not feeling safe in keeping your goods in a warehouse, so I am looking for a reliable fulfillment company close to Shenzhen. If you have any good experiences with other fulfillment companies I would be very thankful if you could suggest some fulfillment companies in China.


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Try Fulfillmen maybe.

They have special software called Order Management System where you can manage, streamline, and automate your order processing.

They have two warehouses in China, one in Huizhou (Jinze International Park, which is one the biggest logistics hub in China) and the other one in Shenzhen, and I believe it perfectly matches your requirements. Each and every product that reaches their warehouse is handled by experienced professionals under expert supervision. They are also offering you their ECOMMERCE FULFILLMENT AND DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE IN ONE! They are using App4Ship to minimize human intervention for both sides and cut the customer's operational cost with the artificial intelligence engine's help.
App4Ship is a new customizable system that uses a powerful engine for hassle-free and less expensive fulfillment processing on your part. Here is the website: